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Thunder in the Desert + NRC Launch

The events have been selected for the competition at the Thunder in the Desert weekend, 18th and 19th of June. They are:

  • Open Spot Landing - any low or mid-power rocket/engine

  • Random Duration - any low or mid-power rocket/engine, time will be drawn from 30 to 120 seconds at the beginning of the contest.

  • 1/4A Streamer Duration - 1/4A engines, your choice of rocket and streamer material

  • A Helicopter Duration - A engine, rocket must rotate about its vertical axis

  • A Parachute Duration - A engine

  • 1/2A Rocket Glider Duration - 1/2A engine, all of rocket must stay together


Need help or recommendations? Post to the group and I'm sure someone will speak up. Hope to see you there for 2 days of competition.


Vern Richardson

In addition to the NAR contest events, we'll be having a fun event.

   *  Any rocket, any motor, any altimeter, any number of tries.
   *  No entry fee other than the $5 per day launch fee.
   *  Bring your rocket to the Safety Check after the flight and we'll note the altitude on your flight car.
   *  Prizes for 1st through 3rd.

   I think we have a couple of prizes donated, but could use at least one more.



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