NRC Launch

We are attempting to recreate the regional atmosphere we used to experience before the NRC days. While all NRC events may be flown, only those in the list to follow will be used to crown the New Mexico Rocketry Champion. Scoring will be the same as NRC type scoring. Contestants will be responsible for their own altimeters. Eggs will be furnished by the contest committee. There are porta-potties on site. A range fee of $5 per person will be collected to support them. Range duty will be asked-as-needed. A potluck cookout is planned for Saturday evening. All are welcome to attend the cookout. Contestants will be grouped the same as for regular NAR competitions. The launch has been approved as a NRC event. For the regional competition, one model of the first three duration events has to be returned, unlike NRC events. The events for the regional competition are as follows:


  • 1/4A Streamer duration (one return needed),

  • A parachute duration (one return needed),

  • A helicopter duration (one return needed), 

  • B eggloft altitude w/altimeter (all need returned), 

  • Open spot landing (no return needed), 

  • And random precision duration (no return needed). 


Dates are the 15th and 16th. Setup will begin at 7:30 AM both days, and ending at 4:00 PM on Saturday and noon on Sunday. For answers to any of your questions, please contact the event director, me.

It was asked if there would be work sessions to build competition models. I'm game to help with the sessions if it works in my schedule.

Have fun,

Vern Richardson
Event Director